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The Inner Game of Horsemanship
Justin Case Horsemanship
THE INNER GAME OF HORSEMANSHIP is based on patience, trust, and respect through feel, timing, and balance.   In 2016, Clinics will be "by request only" and a "few" public clinics near Crossville. Details  available under CLINICS. The November Issue of ACTHA MONTHLY featured Justin as it's cover story. Justin Case truly believes the horse knows everything we want him or her to do, whether we are riding our horses, working on the ground with them or somewhere in between. Whether doing groundwork, riding trails, working cattle, or preparing for competition in any discipline, the fact remains: one has to communicate properly with their horse in the horse's own natural language! This creates a lifetime relationship of trust and respect.   Justin's definition of "natural horsemanship is simply the absence of fear and intimidation!"   Justin has over 50 years of riding and coaching experience. He competed in reining in the 80's, ranch rodeos and horsemanship in the 90's, and Clinics since 1998. In addition to Justin's upcoming book ("The Inner Game of Horsemanship), he is an Extreme Cowboy Association Judge; and an ACTHA Judge & Ride Host. Justin has been an avid trail rider all his life!      Thank you for stopping by. "Happy Riding!"